Huxtaburger. Ultimate burger.

After all the hype surrounding Huxtaburger, we finally got around to trying it.

And oh-mah-gawdddd- how-have-i-taken-this-long-to-get-here?!

The place has a cool vintage American diner theme going on, but in a cool way-  no costume staff here.

The line was out the door when we got there on a Tuesday night.
This place sure is popular, there was only a few seats and they were all taken so I mentally prepared myself for an inpromptu picnic. No need! When we got to the register we were told that as long as we purchase a beverage next door (I Think it was called Bill’s Bar or something along those lines) we could get our burgers delivered there. Score!

So while Mr A sampled a Vietnamese beer (Bia Ha Noi) I ordered the Salted Caramel Milkshake from Huxtaburger… And that alone was worth raving about.


We sampled the Theo – huxtaburger with bacon, double pattie, double cheese, bbq sauce – and the Denise -huxtaburger with jalapeno & sriracha mayo- and they were both delicious.

Not greasy, which is my worst fear for burgers!
Not heavy, because no one wants to feel like a beached whale after a feed!
Not wanky, because I don’t want duck in my burger! (I’m looking at you Merrywell!)

We both had chipotle fries which were yummy too, so far so good Huxtaburger.

Such happy campers after this feast, we will be back.

106 Smith Street
(03) 9417 6328

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